Hurriganes 40th Anniversary Salute

The J Ganes Band

Reviewed by Kaheli

As you may have guessed by the title, ‘Hurriganes 40th Anniversary Salute’ features three tracks by one of the oldest rock bands in Finland, Hurriganes. The J Ganes Band has taken on the task of covering ‘It Ain’t What You Do’, ‘Mister X’ (from the 1974 album ‘Roadrunner’) and ‘Bye Bye Bye’ (from the 1980 album ’10/80′) and given them new life. Not an easy endeavor by any means of the word, considering the devotion fans have for the Hurriganes and while I’m not much into cover songs for any band, even I have to admit they got a little something going on here. Ok, maybe a whole lot of something….

I must say The J Ganes Band has done an excellent job in choosing their lead vocalist, Max Blomberg. Granted, he isn’t Remu Aaltonen but he does do one helluva a job at singing. I’d dearly love to hear what other hidden talents he might be packing inside those vocals chords of his. But that’s for another time and place. Let’s not forget he’s also backed by some mighty fine talent in their own regards with guitarist Jali Berg, bassist Juha Palotie and last but not least, Tuomas Toivanen on drums.

Collectively, these guys just may have found their calling in the musical world. I am literally torn in deciding who I prefer more, The J Ganes Band or the original Hurriganes. Each has their own sound with just enough similarities, but yet differences, to make it quite the difficult choice for me. For the devoted fans of the Hurriganes, you should find yourself suitably impressed with The J Ganes Band and for those who aren’t familiar but enjoy good ol’ fashioned rock ‘n roll tinged with touches of rockabilly, you too should find yourself enjoying it.

To hear more of The J Ganes Band, just head on over to their Hitlantis page to experience it for yourself! No need to sign up but if you do and if you’re interested, you can purchase the tracks directly from Hitlantis for a bargain deal of 1€ each.

What more can I possibly say? The ‘Hurriganes 40th Anniversary Salute’ EP has all the right retro going on in all the right places…

Track Listing:

  1. It Ain’t What You Do
  2. Mister X
  3. Bye Bye Bye
It Ain’t What You Do

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