Never Fall Asleep In A Chat Room…

Why You Should Never Fall Asleep In A Chat Room…

Once upon a time we all used to hang out in this chat room in another time and place… People would come and people would go but every now and then, one would come only to fall asleep on us. Growing weary of this particular habit just a tad, we started doing things to the sleepyhead, whoever it may be. While it’s all done cyberly, it still makes for mountains of giggles and hilarity in one’s mind. So just a word of caution for all newcomers and even some regulars who may have long since forgotten: Never, ever fall asleep in a Finnish Underground Radio chat room. 😈 While this particular escapade may have happened in a different chat room, the conspirators remain the same 😉

Our first adventure into this realm of cyber fun began a few years ago when our very own near and dear Helhund had the audacity to fall asleep on us girls. So, much like when you pass out at a party, we took to having some ‘fun’. First we thought he really needed some makeup thus we set about giving him eyeliner, mascara, some nice hooker-styled false eyelashes and we even went so far as to add a dash of go-go blue eye shadow. Admiring our handy work, we realized that the makeup needed a little something-something…so we quickly commenced with getting him the right ‘proper outfit’ befitting that garish yet lovely makeup job he was now sporting for our warped amusement.

First and foremost were the shoes. Now we couldn’t use just any ol’ shoes. No, no, no, they had to rock and they had to scream ‘Come F**k Me!’. That means only one thing: 6″ heeled shiny red patent leather platform stilettos, baby. Every man’s dream shoes, right? Only now they were the ‘dream’ shoes 😉 Moving up the leg chain, we slapped a nice, new pair of fishnet thigh highs on him and holstered them in place by a nice black leather garter belt that peeped ever so slightly beneath its matching black leather mini skirt. 😆 Last but never least, the final touch to this magnificent piece of art was the red lace bustier. Oo la la…Of course, being the man that he was, we had to do a little maneuvering of the man boobs to achieve some semblance of a cleavage. Helhund, being the walking stick that he is, doesn’t have a whole lot of ‘stuff’ to work with. 😛 We did, however, take a group vote and decide against any hair removal to which we’re sure he’s eternally grateful for and will someday see the appreciation in this act of kindness on our part. We did, after all, have total and complete control over him. Cyberly speaking, of course… 😀

As if waking up and reading just what wee little devils we had been wasn’t terror enough, Freerad’s industrious and talented daughter, Jo, set about to illustrating us a very nice rendition of our handiwork to be enjoyed long after the moment had passed. A permanent reminder to all who grace our chat room as to why you should never, ever fall asleep on a group of bored females who have way too much imagination to go around.

And maybe someday we’ll get around to telling you about the Barbie/Ken/GI Joe love triangle we subjected Rayburn to… :mrgreen: