09/08: Killer Aspect

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Killer Aspect

Having released their first single "TV" to Finnish radio in December 2007, the song received a large amount of airplay as well as going straight to number 1 on Ylex’ Himotuimmat charts, a positive surprise for the band considering they had no previous releases. Their debut single was later released in stores in January 2008 and their second radio single "Bloodshot" soon followed in March 2008 preceding the release of their long awaited debut album "How Does It Work?" on April 30th, 2008. Their debut album has been more than three years in the making, during which the band has undergone some changes. It all starts back in 2004…

Back then, when Finnish band Killer decided to go their separate ways, it certainly wasn’t because bassist, Timo, and drummer, Teijo, had run out of ideas. In fact, shortly after the split, they were playing around with the idea of a new band. Well, since the two weren’t intending to form a drum ‘n’ bass band, their plans started to take more shape after talking to guitarist, Samuli, who at the time played in a band called Personal Aspect (now known as "The Winyls"). They were able to get him on board with the band after spending an evening jamming and having a few drinks.

Nevertheless, a rock band needs a little bit more than a guitar, bass and drums to truly conquer. From the start they had also included Jukka (Keyboards) since he was a good friend and had been a long time installment in Killer’s live shows. Of course, even with a keyboard, the band wasn’t complete but that changed when the group finally found singer, Max, fronting a cover bank and blowing the audience away with his excellent cover song skills. The guys convinced him to become a part of the band and it proved to be the perfect choice. They now had a captain. Boarding completed.

The band’s name would rise from a combination of the band members’ previous bands so Killer Aspect, it was. Ready to rock your world.

The band went through a few changes. In 2006, it became obvious that Jukka’s other projects took up too much of his time for him to be a permanent member of the band, so for a while Killer Aspect functioned as a four-piece with Max taking over keyboard duties for their live shows. However, being a four-piece band is not, and never will be, the same as being a five-piece. This is why the band remained opened to the possiblity of recruiting a fifth member. And surely enough, in 2007 that was what happened. The fifth member would be a second guitarist, "The Russian", Valeri (or Vallu), a nice young fella whom Timo and Teijo had met when making a music video for Russia’s contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005. Vallu clicked into the group perfectly and the band was complete with the line up they have today…absolutely nothing to worry about.

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