Profile Of An Artist…

We’re a unique group of individuals. We like being alone yet we crave the crowds. We like our backgrounds silent and our music loud. We have no need to be surrounded by people who adore us, who worship us. We create more for ourselves than for others. We feel, think even live differently than others.

We create what’s in our hearts, minds and what is around us. We gain inspiration from many people and things in life but we never copy another’s work to call it our own. We express ourselves in many ways but rarely through verbal words. Music, painting, drawing even woodworking is how we say what we need to have spoken. So many ways, so little words yet so much passion.

We love, we hurt, we laugh, we cry…we create to satisfy ourselves. We are our own worst and best critic. We strive for perfection, we settle for nothing less. We’re dark, we’re brooding, we’re happy, we’re sad…we are everything and yet sometimes, we are nothing. We tend to see beauty where others don’t or won’t. We see beyond the box of life. We are constrained and restricted by nothing. There are no limits in creativeness.

Pain, joy, despair, happiness, the entire spectrum of emotions are our inspirations to create something beautiful whether it’s a painting, a story, a song, a scuplture or even a medley of items tossed together that reflects what we’re feeling and/or thinking at the time. People, places, things even smells have a way of triggering a creative storm within in us.

Our art is a statement of who we are…each piece a small facet of the diamond inside. Individually it tells a story but put together, it’s a book into the artist themselves.

Do you feel you’re an artist? Or do you just think you are?