About Us

Who We Are…

We’re a group of individuals who have one definite thing in common: we love and adore Finland and all of the music she has to offer us. All genres hailing from this great land. We bring to you, the masses, fans, listeners and readers, the opportunity to hear, learn, love and explore those genres. What makes us different? We’ve not idea really… 😀 We just know that we’re not limiting ourselves to just one of anything other than Finland herself.

We’re about promoting all music from Finland. The majority of these artists have a good following of fans but we want it to be more. A lot more. They deserve to have it be more. And that’s where we come into play. 😉 If you like what you hear, then please, please buy their CD from any of the sites listed on their websites and MySpace pages. Personally, if it’s listed as an option, we prefer Record Shop X. If possible, buy directly from the band and/or artist before buying the CD anywhere else. These bands and musicians need our support, so let’s give it to them when we can.

What We Do…

We’re here to help promote these artists and to introduce them to the world by giving people an audio experience you may not always find in other places online. We give the bands the opportunity to introduce material to fans and potential fans alike, that may otherwise be overlooked by major internet radio stations..

We also have other tools for promoting the bands, as may have noticed. Besides the proverbial interviews, we also offer bands a ‘Q & A With The Bands’, a basic questionnaire where bands answer what could be considered the most typical of questions as well as some not-so-typical. We also have interviews with bands, both audio and written. All for your information, enjoyment and as a centralized location of resources into the wonderful world of music from Finland..


Allow us to define what we mean by ‘underground’… No, we don’t mean the industrial genre of music although we do play that too :D. What we mean by ‘underground’ are bands, and solo musicians alike, that are self-funded, without a label, on an independent label and yes, even those on a major label get our support, love and promotion. Let’s face it, majority of radio stations worldwide aren’t kicking out their material and to us, that makes them underground. In need of love, devotion, promotion, attention and…YOU!.

If you’re looking for music that isn’t mundane or mainstream, then you have definitely come to the right place!.