Looking for the Best Watch Winder in the USA? Here are Some Feature to Consider
November 7, 2021

Looking for the Best Watch Winder in the USA? Here are Some Feature to Consider

Buying a watch winder can be a difficult task. Since the price is quite expensive, you often have to be careful when putting your investment in a watch winder. Fortunately, there are several features which differentiate good automatic watch winder from bad watch winder. Check these features to find which watch winder is the best.


Motor noises usually become the main feature to consider while buying a watch winder. A good watch winder box usually uses a motor which produces minimum noise. Some watch winder sometimes use Japanese made motors which use a belt system instead of gears. This resulted in a watch winder motor that is relatively quiet and uses minimum electricity. 

Rotation Mode

Rotation becomes one of the most important features if you want to buy a watch winder for a long term use. Incorrect rotation mode usually causes your watch mainspring to wear out and eventually result in inaccuracy. Choosing a watch winder with adjustable rotation is usually a good option. Some USA made watch winder even include a programmable rotation in its design. 


Do you travel a lot? If so, then choosing a relatively small watch winder is a thing to consider. Small watch winder with one to two slots is a good option if you like to travel and bring some of your watch collection. As a traveller, you can also choose a battery powered automatic watch winder just in case you can’t find any power source during your travel. Some manufacturers of watch winder in the USA also offer some portable watch winder variant.

In conclusion, find the best watch winder which suit your watch best while also considering the function and your purpose of getting a watch winder as well. Consider and check those three features in order to find the best watch winder box for you.